Jan Růžička


Making and sale of marionettes

I graduated from the High Art School in Prague, the woodcarving . I got into marionettes by accident a little . It had not been my dream since my childhood. After my military service, I got the place of props in a puppet film studio in Prague. It was fun to produce backdrops and small movie props. Small windows, chairs, wagons, castles, ashtrays. And I could work with great artist and film directors. But when Communism fell down and I could go on my own, I didn´t hesitate. I initially participated in the restoration of Baroque curving and antique furniture. That I can do puppets and I'm pretty good at it, I found out later. I thought it was just a short-term business, but it's been running for years, and it's still going on. I even feed five children. In 1995 we moved from Prague to the countryside in south Bohemia near Tábor, where we live to this day.